JEENISo, Quality is our business

Striving for excellence is not just a goal; it is a journey and a state of mind. Since its establishment on November 11, 2011, JEENISo, Junior Enterprise ENISo, has proved itself a pioneer within Tunisian Junior Enterprises and a vector that leads others forward. In fact, in 2012 it co-founded with four other JEs the national Tunisian confederation, JET, Junior Enterprises of Tunisia (Junior Enterprises of Tunisia).

Through the years, JEENISo worked on giving its members all the needed skills, whether they be soft or technical, through a structured curriculum that was inspired by their needs and most importantly by the demands of the local and international markets and the ever-evolving innovations. All of this, allowed the members to connect profoundly with the ecosystem through working on concrete projects for a variety of clients, and also to inhale the essence of entrepreneurship in all its dimensions and to consequently get started on their own business ventures.

JEENISo is also the leader in terms of international presence. It is actually laureate for two years in a row of the “Most International Tunisian JE”, for 2016 and 2017, during the annual ceremony of JET Awards. This was achieved through the multitude collaborations with global organisms, Such as the participation in the exchange and the Godmother programs in all their editions.

The evolution however never stops. As a result, the necessity of keeping up with the ever demanding market and ensuring its presence in its ecosystem led a great achievement. Only 8 years into business, and on November 9, 2018, JEENISo got certified ISO 9001 in its 2015’s version, a first for Tunisian JEs in particular and for national associations in general.

This quality management system (QMS) came as another line in the history made by JEENISo but also as assurances of the aspects of every activity which focuses solely on the satisfaction of clients and partners through the quality of deliverables.

Many other achievements that will all put JEENISo on history pages will surely follow this one, so do stay tuned for the never-ending quality performance.