JEENISO at the second edition of the exchange program

The Junior Enterprise Movement has exponentially grown in the last decade, reaching more countries and subsequently affecting the lives of the future leaders and entrepreneurs by giving them the chance to execute their ideas and strategies to enhance their influence in their community.

Hence, creating and enhancing the bonds between the different entities of the movement seems a necessity and a must. Therefore, the Global Council came up with “the exchange program”. A project made in order to strengthen the bonds between the Junior Entrepreneurs, making the best junior enterprises even better and boosting the development of new countries.

As the JEENISO has always worked on its international relations as well as empowering its connectivity with the different JEs around the world, it was one of the first JEs in Tunisia and globally, to be part of the exchange program since day one. In fact, the JEENISO participated in its first and second editions.

For the latter, our first guest was Fernanda Amorim, the current president of Engloba Consulteria JE and their former marketing director as well as JEs support at RIO junior.

We had together several meetings with the different executive board members during which we talked about finding innovative techniques and relevant solutions for prospection, targeting JEs with whom we can collaborate and Co-work furthermore on the strategical development of JEENISo within the movement.

Our second guests were two marocain participants from JBC Junior Enterprise, Anas MIYAL, their treasurer and Marwa RACHID their Community and sales manager who both majored in Marketing and Management. We used their valuable experience to further develop our marketing strategies.

Finally, we received Jean Santos the marketing director of “TEQinova JE” from Brazil with whom we had several discussions with during which we talked about marketing and its impact on the JEs visibility on a global level and the local as well.


As the exchange program is always considered as an opportunity for all Juniors, around the world to discover new countries, cultures and specially try new food therefore, we made sure to let her discover the beauty of our region, the Sahel by visiting the attractions in Sousse, Monastir and Mahdia.

Furthermore, we coordinated with other JEs to make sure that our guest   sees and tastes all the pleasure that our country offers as well as creating affective connection between all Tunisian JEs.

In addition, we worked on upsurging the visibility in the media by going on radio show with Marwa and Anas. During this interview, we discussed the JEs movement, the exchange program and how it is boosting the connectivity and the importance of collaboration between JEs, globally. We also had the accent challenge in which we had to guess some of the marocain words and they had to guess the Tunisian ones as long as we have a lot in common.                                

The exchange program is definitely one of the most relevant activities that the JEENISO has ever participated in and that took its contribution internationally to the next level.

Through this experience, we were able not only to realize a real effective exchange between by empowering the bonds between our extended ecosystem and us but also to inspire others to be part of this Global connection.

So be ready for the next edition!