The junior Enterprise ENISo-JEENISo, in collaboration with GPjr Brazil, PMI Tunisia Chapter, Junior Entreprises of Tunisia (JET), has the immense honor to announce the 3rd Edition of the GPjr Tunisia that will be held on the 23th of February 2020 at UTICA Sousse.

This event, being the 20th edition of its kind globally, comes as a result of a common vision between the parties on the importance of dealing with the difficulties facing the network through the right project management tools. 

This edition comes with an amazing subject which is “Project Management and Sustainability: How can we deal with SDGs Through project Management?” in which Tunisian JEs will be using project management’s solutions to deal with the SDGs.

There will be provided an easygoing environment of learning opportunities, networking, promoting of a multitude of initiatives and techniques and most importantly of sharing.

organized in partnership with GPjr, PMI Tunisia Chapter and Junior Enterprises of Tunisia – JET. The theme was the best methods of using project management to achieve sustainability