L’axe technique

Enrichir le cursus acadĂ©mique de l’élĂšve d’ingĂ©nieur durant son parcours scolaire pour compenser les derniers progrĂšs technologiques.

Le management

la gestion d’équipe, la gestion de projet, le management d’entreprise, le management stratĂ©gique, le management opĂ©rationnel


la crĂ©ation d’entreprise, le leadership, le business plan

Le développement personnel

la communication, le coaching, la gestion du stress

Nos Activités


Web4Innovation, 3Ăšme Ă©dition 2017

Pour la 3Ăšme annĂ©e, La Junior Entreprise ENISo se lance avec l’association suisse TUNES dans le programme Web4Innovation Le projet Web4Innovation est une initiative lancĂ©e dans le cadre du programme CTRS qui Ă©mane d’une coopĂ©ration entre la Suisse et la Tunisie. L’association Tunes de l’EPFL a signĂ© un partenariat avec 6 junior-entreprises tunisiennes pour rĂ©aliser…

Nos vidéos

Teaser JEENISo

Junior Entreprise Eniso 2016-2017

Nos compétences

DĂ©veloppement web
DĂ©veloppement mobile
Etude RDM
Conception mécanique
Conception des circuits embarqués
“Junior Enterprise ENISo is a family”: I heard this sentence nearly ten times that day but I didn’t believe it. I thought that maybe they were only trying to attract as much members as they could just to feel important in the school. I never thought that within three or four months I would be feeling that much love and sense of belonging to this unit of young students/professionals working hard for the best of their team and their junior enterprise. But then I thought: Why not feel this way? After all this association introduced me to the professional field in a young age. It helped me gain so many soft skills for which I am thankful. I am now capable of negotiating, public speaking, working with professionals, all of this thanks to Junior Enterprise ENISo. This association helps its members not only find jobs but moreover create jobs. Because Junior Enterprise gave us so much, we find ourselves owing it to it to work hard and reach for excellence in order to make it shine. Neither I nor anyone who was ever a member of Junior Enterprise can ever forget what the association has ever done for him. Once a junior entrepreneur, always a junior entrepreneur.
Rym Haouachi
Rym Haouachi, Membre d’honneur de la Junior Entreprise ENISo (2015-2017)

Nos partenaires

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